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Indian Rice

We bring in extremely deliciously range of Indian Rice. Rice being staple food of India is produced at very large quantity all around the country. We choose best quality among them for you. Our aromatic rice is very tasteful and rich in fragrance. And when it comes to most famous wholesale basmati rice suppliers we are far ahead of others dealing in the same business. We are one of the most renowned broken rice exporters from India.

Basmati Rice

We deal in fine quality Indian basmati rice quite popular in our country as well as foreign countries for its distinct and pleasant aroma.We are one of the most distinguished exporters of traditional basmati rice.

1121 Basmati Rice

We export and supply premium quality 1121 Basmati Rice for our clients in different parts of the world. Superior in quality, this variety of rice is long in length, double polished, aromatic and excellent in cooking. We offer 1121 rice in different packaging options to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Sona Masuri Rice

It is very popular for preparation of rice porridge in many Indian festivals. Our sona masoori silky rice is light weight aromatic rice. We also deal in fine quantity of sona masoori boiled rice of world class standard.

Kolam Rice

Varieties in Indian rice is an exhaustive list. Kolam Rice is preferred in the South India whereas Basmati is the King rice in the North of India.It is very popular for preparation of rice porridge in many Indian festivals. Our Kolam Variety is light in weight and easy to digest aromatic rice.

Golden Sella Rice

Parboiling is a process applied to rice to preserve some of the nutrients contained in the outer grain layers, which are normally lost during polishing (the bran and aleurone layers).This treatment results in rice that is slightly yellow, hence some parboiled rices carry the name "Golden Rice".

Andhra Ponni Rice

This is a variety of Sona Mosoori rice which is taken specially from the fields of Andhra Pradesh. It is a major favorite in India and the world over. It is non-basmati medium-grain rice, and has its own unique fragrance.